Mrcp Connector


The CereProc cServer MRCP Connector provides a complete standards-based TTS solution for IVR environments. IETF MRCP versions 1 and 2 are supported, greatly simplifying platform integration. CereProc has developed the world's most natural TTS voices, making them ideally suited to call centre automation applications. Speech output can be tuned to your preferences, allowing TTS to replace static prompts, presenting a unified voice to the user and improving caller experience, at the same time as re



CereProc is a Scottish company, based in Edinburgh - the home of advanced speech synthesis research.\nOur team of speech synthesis experts all have a passion for innovative technology, a love for disruptive technology and believe that speech synthesis is changing the way we use technology today.\nSpeech synthesis is not just about information provision by bland boring voices! We’re passionate about creating characterful, engaging, emotional voices that change the way humans interact with technol

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Pay as You Go Pricing excluding VAT
1 million CereVoice Cloud Credits = £13.00
Monthly Payment Pricing excluding VAT

Monthly Payment Pricing excluding VAT
5 million = £65
7 million = £91
12 million = £156

Annual Payment Pricing excluding VAT
5 million = £780
7 mi

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