Face Detection


Detect the presence and location of human faces with a bounding box



Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company that excels in visual recognition, solving real-world problems for businesses. Founded in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler, a foremost expert in machine learning, Clarifai has been a market leader since winning the top five places in image classification at the ImageNet 2013 competition. Clarifai’s powerful image and video recognition solutions are built on the most advanced machine learning platform, and made easily accessible via API, device SDK, and on-premise, empowering businesses all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent applications.

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Add Machine Learning to your app or service, no credit card needed
Free for the first 5,000 operations per month

Pay for what you use, without long-term commitments. Flexibility and value in one package.
Month to month

This plan scales alongside your business needs. Ask us about volume discounts.
Starting at $2,000/month

Our most customizable plan. For advanced infrastructure needs and unmatched service.
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Public Sector
Government grade platform. For government specific use cases.
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