Visual Vehicle - Detect Vehicles


Visual Vehicle Model is a piece of the broader Deep Vision Visual Intelligence API which provides image and video recognition applied to many industries. Visual Vehicle identifies the year, make, and model (YMM) of vehicles in image content from any angle. It can also provide the angle of the vehicle view, we support: front right, front left, front center, rear right, rear left, rear center, side left, side right. Our current library contains the ability to recognize 3,000+ YMM (all vehicles of the past 10 years in the US and LATAM) and new vehicles can be added to the system under request.



DeepVision is devoted to providing agile, innovative and profitable state of the art deep learning based computer vision solutions applied to several industries by leveraging cutting edge technologies and trends. We specialize in revealing the visual content of our customer's data by applying visual recognition technology. We are a computer vision company based in the USA and Argentina.


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