Nlp - Language And Language Register Identification


IntuView technology employs statistical models to identify not only the language but also the language register (e.g. mainstream English vs. Twitter English or professional technical English). This is particularly important in languages such as Arabic, which is characterized by extreme diglossia (a situation in which two distinct varieties of a language are spoken or written within the same speech community and may differ from each other almost to a degree of dialects or different languages). For example, radical Islamists tend to use a register that we call “Neo-classical” Arabic whilst social media in the Maghreb, and Lebanon tend to use a “hybrid” register that incorporates their own local dialect with French (“Frarabe” – analogous to “Spanglish” in the US) and to write in “Arabeezi” (colloquial Arabic in Romanized form).



IntuView is an innovative company dedicated to the development of "artificial intuition"​ software for security and defense applications. The IntuView vision is to revolutionize knowledge mining and cross-language extraction of information by replacing current technology of language-dependent, generic lexical searches with language-independent, domain-oriented "idea mining"​. The new technology will provide the knowledge consumer with summaries in his own language of information gleaned from a broad spectrum of sources in different languages.


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