Customers’ reviews are an essential resource to guide your customers in their decisions.\nCustomers’ reviews are taken into account regularly and are thus an added value to product descriptions. Verdicto allows you to summarise your customers’ reviews and transform them editorial content. The stakes are high. Besides improving users’ experience and guide them in their shopping decisions, Verdicto will help you in the natural referencing of your product descriptions.\nRead more at https://www.lab



We want to make AI accessible by using it to enhance content strategies while also enhancing the SEO performance of your website.\nAI is an astounding assistant- by taking care of tedious tasks, it enables people to focus on valuable tasks and save time.\nEffectiveness: AI answers daily needs and challenges. It is adaptable and it can evolve to answers users’ daily queries.\nEfficiency: AI might not have all the answers, but it can nonetheless qualify and enrich content on a wide variety of info

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