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Our experts have developed a system that uses geometric techniques to account for the angle and distance from the shelf from which the photo was taken. This results in a digital coordinate database that captures spatial details like size and location of each product on every shelf, even accounting for stacked items. For e.g. the Coca-Cola 600 ml bottle was in bay 4, shelf 2, fourth item from right, at the top of the stack. Using this data, scene-level and session-level calculations like shelf sh



Trax digitizes the physical world of retail.\nIn 2010 Trax introduced a revolutionary new image recognition technology to the consumer goods industry. Our purpose was twofold – to raise awareness of the significance and value of image recognition and to drive greater efficiencies and effectiveness for consumer goods companies. For the first time, sales representatives could receive detailed product and category information including out-of-shelf, share of shelf, planogram, pricing and promotiona

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