Use Cases - Audio

Audio AI APIs allow you to transcribe, understand and analyse voice and audio data. The main technology is Speech-to-Text, that can recognize spoken words, which can then be converted to text. Today, many electronic devices such as computers and smartphones natively embed Speech-to-Text technology in their operating systems. Most Speech-to-Text software works the same way. First, the software separates the words dictated by the user into short samples. These samples are then associated with phonemes or pronunciation units. Complex algorithms then sort the results to try to predict which word or phrase was spoken by the user. Over the past few years, thanks to advances in Deep Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the accuracy of Speech-to-Text technologies has greatly improved.

Call Center retranscription :

Speech to text is mainly used for call centers. Indeed, call centers record millions of calls, and the analysis of all these conversations is essential for businesses. Speech-to-Text technologies allow the conversations of customers and operators to be transcribed into text. By coupling Speech to text and NLP, it is possible to analyze and classify all call center conversations. Some audio AI APIs can analyze speech emotions, frustration, motivations during calls. Companies use this to label

Subtitles for movies, speeches, videos, etc. :

One of the main application with Speech-to-Text technology is real time speech transcription. This is used for TV / Online speeches, movies, or any kind of videos. Speech-to-Text allows to display live subtitles but also record what was said in videos. Moreover, it helps hearing-impaired person to follow live video transmission. Speech-to-Text is used to transcribe TV programs to improve researches and archiving.

Facts verification :

Political debate, bad journalism and fake news are ever increasing issues. These issues are also more apparent and noticeable to the public. So, it is more important than ever to have fast, reliable fact checking. Speech-to-Text technology to automate part of the process and to deliver a real-time fact checking tool to journalists and analysts to check claims as soon as they are made. Speech-to-Text allows to transcribe what is said in real-time, analyse the text and – where they’ve already checked that claim – deliver the factcheck almost instantaneously.

AI-Compare :

AI-Compare helps you to choose the Audio APIs that best fit with your projects. You can look the whole panel of Audio APIs on the market in our catalogue. Morevore, My APIs allows you to test multiple NLP API (sentiment analysis, automatic translation, keyword extraction, and soon more) from multiple providers, and compare performances.
Then you can use our NLP APIs for your project, choosing any provider API you want.
You just need to create an AI Compare account, and then use APIs like sentiment analysis, keyword extraction from various providers, without subscribing to providers accounts nor using multiple documentation.
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