Use Cases - NLP

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a major branch of modern artificial intelligence. Natural Language Processing or Automatic Language Processing is a set of techniques that allow a machine interface to automatically analyze and process text content and extract the necessary information from it through a process of transformation, comprehension, classification or search..

Chatbots :

Chatbots help meet customers’ request for personalization: by collecting user-relevant data they can address them individually and offer fully personalized experiences. Moreover, chatbots increasingly find application in sales: they can target prospects, strike a conversation, schedule appointments and much more. Chatbots would provide very little, if any, added value without Natural Language Processing (NLP). The NLP is what allows chatbots to understand your messages and answer them correctly.
Natural Language Processing (NLP) can overcome various language barriers. The same kind of problems that undermine our daily text communications with other humans can, and most likely will, impact our interactions with chatbots. These problems include, for example, spelling, grammatical errors and general misuse of the language. The advanced capabilities of Natural Language Processing (NLP) can even understand the intent of your messages, such as whether you are formulating a question or a statement.

Recruitment :

All medium and large companies need to process hundreds of thousands of resumes. This represents an enormous workload for the recruitment teams. Each CV must be analysed to establish whether it corresponds to the job descriptions according to a large number of parameters: experience, studies, certifications, skills, etc
Thanks to several features of NLP, this process can be automated. The use of named entity recognition, keyword recognition, detection of semantic similarities for example, can allow considerable economic and human gain.

Marketing / Client relationship :

Forums, blogs and social networks contain a considerable amount of consumer feedback, comments by Internet users on brands, as well as questions about the products and services on offer.
NLP technologies can process and value these contributions. This makes it possible to survey consumer opinions, detect trends and analyse the e-reputation of a product or brand.
NLP APIs such as sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, text summarization, and others will automate and centralize comments analysis and e-reputation of a brand or product.

Call for tenders:

The analysis of calls for tenders can be a long and tedious job for companies. The number of tenders is large and manual processing of these tenders can be very expensive or inefficient. The NLP allows the implementation of tags to centralize the essential information of a call for tenders. Definition of tags in order to automatically detect the key elements of the tender. All the information gathered through NLP technologies will allow selection, scoring and prioritization of tenders offering a much better return.

AI-Compare :

AI-Compare helps you to choose the NLP APIs that best fit with your projects. You can look the whole panel of NLP APIs on the market in our catalogue. Morevore, My APIs allows you to test multiple NLP API (sentiment analysis, automatic translation, keyword extraction, and soon more) from multiple providers, and compare performances.
Then you can use our NLP APIs for your project, choosing any provider API you want.
You just need to create an AI Compare account, and then use APIs like sentiment analysis, keyword extraction from various providers, without subscribing to providers accounts nor using multiple documentation.

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