Use Cases - Vision

Image and video processing

Object Detection :

Computer vision is a major branch of modern artificial intelligence. It is a set of methods and technologies that allow to automate a specific task from an image. In fact, a machine is capable of detecting, analyzing and interpreting one or more elements of an image in order to make a decision and perform an action.

Explicit content Modération :

Nowadays, content flows are difficult to control. Many companies need to moderate to manage their content on their website, their comment spaces, or their collaborative platforms. Image moderation can be provided by powerful AI APIs. These APIs can moderate and filter content such as: blood/gore, smoking, sexual activity, drug use, carrying/using weapons, explicit nudity, death, alcohol, accidents, fights, etc. The use of AI for the moderation of explicit content offers a fast and efficient service, avoiding as much as possible human moderation, which has an impact on those who perform it.

Customer survey :

The image detection APIs allow to retrieve the metadatas of the images, and thus to detect all the elements present on the images. In a customer research approach, these technologies make it possible to identify customers, estimate their age and gender. It is even possible to track emotions on faces. This allows us to target and characterize our clientele. Image detection can also be used as a crowd tracker to count people, or cars (it is even possible to identify car makes and models). All of these features can provide companies with a better view of their customers, and thus benefit their business strategies.

Searchable content creation :

Image Detection APIs extract metadata from image files, capturing objects, faces, text, and more. This metadata can be used to easily search your images with keywords or to find appropriate resources for content syndication. It is possible to classify the elements on the images, to identify objects, people, animals, but also the landscape, the context and the mood of the image. This will allow for the creation of collections and the sorting of images, making the database accessible and the images easily searchable.

Logo / Brand recognition :

Some image recognition APIs allow the detection and recognition of logos and marks. This technology allows companies to visualize where and how their brand appears online. Logo recognition software can see how often your brand is being mentioned across social media platforms. For example, if the company has a promotion banner, logo recognition APIs can tell how often the logo is appearing on television. The second way that logo recognition is used is for more nefarious situations. Sometimes, with both big brands and up-and-coming companies, people use logos in counterfeit or illegitimate ways. They could be making bootleg products and ripping off your company’s logo.

AI-Compare :

AI-Compare helps you to choose the Vision APIs that best fit with your projects. You can look the whole panel of Vision APIs on the market in our catalogue. Morevore, My APIs allows you to test multiple NLP API (sentiment analysis, automatic translation, keyword extraction, and soon more) from multiple providers, and compare performances.
Then you can use our NLP APIs for your project, choosing any provider API you want.
You just need to create an AI Compare account, and then use APIs like sentiment analysis, keyword extraction from various providers, without subscribing to providers accounts nor using multiple documentation.

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